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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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AETERNA DESIGN Rome was born from an idea of Peter Causati, the project was developed with the collaboration of the creative agency MADEINGENESI. The desire to combine design and tradition is at the origin of the brand Aeterna design Rome and takes life from the desire to create an icon able to represent the eternal City.

Our company uses as raw material for the realization of its products, the original cobblestones of Rome, which are disused and abandoned in the quarries or private depots. Aeterna Design, recovers them by giving them new life, thanks to its processes are born the products of lighting and furnishing accessories.

The project Aeterna design was certified by Rome capital for the originality of the products, which allowed the company to be able to affix a certificate and the logo of Rome capital on the materials of communication and the product thanks to a license agreement of Use of the brand.

Aeterna Design Since 2013 is part of the project Official product of Rome because it represents with its products the city and its history in the world.

Each piece that is made is part of a limited series collection because it has a numbering that goes from 998 pieces for lamps to 4,998 for Camplementi.

Aeterna Design has obtained in 2014 after not a year since its birth, the 100% Made in Italy certification that guarantees consumers the certainty that all products are manufactured, assembled and manufactured with Italian materials, and designs and design are Made internally in the company.


Pietro CausatiCEO & Founder
Alfredo Visca
Commercial Director & Founder
Dario Berardi
Creative Director & Founder
Sacha Caterina Krajisnik
P.r. & Founder
Riccardo AlmadoriPartner